Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pet Society: A guide: Where do I post this??

As I posted on the Playfish forum:

The Moderators have been having to move many threads lately, so here’s a quick guide of what to post where!!

Someone may have already made a thread with your question / concern / suggestion / etc, so before starting a brand new thread try using the Search function to see if the thread you are about to post already exists (if so, you may find your answer or just add your contributions to that thread)!

If you have a general question or comment regarding Pet Society head to the main Pet Society forum. This includes discussions regarding glitches!

If you wish to trade items with other users head to the Trading sub-forum. Remember that Playfish will be unable to assist in the event of a dispute.

We recommend that you avoid asking for items for free, remember everyone works hard for their items, but if you really feel the need to make such a request, you should also post this in the Trading sub-forum.

If you wish to give items away, run a contest or game head to the Contests, Games & Giveaways sub-forum. This includes gifting games like the wishlist gifting threads.

If you are designing signatures for people for the forum in return for Pet Society items, post in The Gallery sub-forum.

If you wish to post screenshots of your pet’s home or show everyone some of your own artwork head to The Gallery sub-forum.

If you wish to provide feedback to the developers on the various features of the game or provide an idea or suggestion for new items and features to improve Pet Society head to the Feedback & Suggestions sub-forum

If you want more friends in Pet Society, and hence wish to post an add me request, head to the Find New Friends sub-forum.

If you want to post in languages other than English please head to the Other Languages sub-forum.

If you have a general question or comment about the running of the forum and forum features head to the Forum Feedback & Questions forum.

If you would like to just chat to other Playfish users, or talk about anything unrelated to Playfish games head to the General Chat Area forum.

If you are still unsure where to post a thread, feel free to PM a moderator.


Please remember to be kind and courteous to your fellow members at all time!

This thread will be updated as required!

The Playfish Team and the Moderators.

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Frecklz said...

If only people read this before they posted!