Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pet Society: YELLOW DUCKS – 250 coins! STAR SPANGLED BANGLE – 5000 coins!

As I posted on the Playfish forum:

The method shown (with screenshots) is for the yellow rubber duck for 250 coins!

The same method also works with the star spangled bangle for 5000 coins! Everywhere you see ‘yellow duck’ read ‘star spangled bangle’, and everywhere you see ‘250 coins’ read ‘5000 coins’ for the star spangled bangle!

The same method also works with the sad sack shirt for 150 coins!

*** My original instructions:

You need to go to a friend's profile, select the boxes tab, find the pet society box, select 'Gift'. Once pet society has loaded, select the yellow duck and gift it to the friend. It will deduct 250 coins from your pet society balance, your friend can then send the duck back.

*** My instructions with screenshots:

Go to a friend’s profile and select the boxes tab (indicated by a blue star):

Scroll down until you find the Pet Society box, and select ‘Gift’ (indicated by a blue star):

Wait for Pet Society to load:

Select the Yellow Duck and click it:

Make sure the duck appears in the top left hand corner (to show what you are gifting), write your message, then click the green tick:

The duck will send and deduct 250 coins from your balance (see top left hand corner of the following):

After it has been sent, you will find yourself in their house, and be able to see the gift you just gave:

Then you need to have your friend log in, open the gift, and gift it back to you normally.

*** My instructions on how to add the box to your Boxes tab:

Obviously your friend needs to have the application in their boxes tab for this to work. So if your friend doesn't already have the application in their boxes tab, this is how they get it there:

Go to:

Find Pet Society in the list.

Click "Edit" on the right hand side of Pet Society

Click on the 'Profile' tab

It should say:
"Box: Available (add)"

Click "add"

Click "Okay"


*** My instructions on where the boxes tab is / how to get it:

If you go to someone's profile, under their name and status you should see something like:

Wall Info Photos Boxes +

If there isn't one labelled boxes, click the '+' and you should be able to add it (on your own profile not your friends, you can ask your friends to add it on theirs).

*** Important notes:

You are buying the duck from the shop for 250 coins as a gift for your friend! So this is a new duck being brought into the system, but to actually get the duck, you need your friend to be willing to gift the duck back to you!

You must enter the game from a friend’s Pet Society box, not your own, as you cannot gift yourself!

Some people have their Pet Society box on their Wall tab (not their Boxes tab) so make sure you check there as well!!

*** You should just be able to use this link to get to the gifting screen: Where the xxxxxxxx is replaced by your friend’s Facebook ID number!

*** I hope this helps you all!


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Jeff LKS said...

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